Hot Product

power trowel

DMR1000D power trowel machine,Hand-held control, easy operation


FVR-880 mini compactor roller,ground compactor,small and flexible, strong compaction ability

Ride on power trowel

CRT-36A ride on trowel machine,driven trowel, high work efficiency

Tamping rammer

HCR110.RM80 tamping rammer,jumping compactor,suitable for a variety of workplaces


Cement Equipment Road cutting machine Q480

Steel bar bending machine

GW52P steel bar bending machine,steel bar/rebar bending machine

Steel bar cutting machine

GQ50 steel bar cutting machine,rebar/steel bar cutting machine

Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

GF36 steel Bar Stirrup Machine,stirrup bending machine

Steel Bar straightening machine

GT4-12F Steel Bar straightening and cutting machine

Why choose us

Henan Xingshengda Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, CNC machine tools, quality control systems and inspection systems are advanced and complete, specializing in the production of steel bar cutting machines, bending machines, troweling machines, impact rammers, and vibration rammers , Road cutters, road rollers, steel wire rolling machines and other construction machinery and equipment.There are 15 technicians in the technical department of our company, 8 experts in the R&D department, 33 in the sales department, 150 in the production department, and sales showrooms in many countries and regions.Our company is constantly committed to product innovation,research and development, and provides customers with personalized solutions and services with advanced technology.

Cooperation Case

Customer receiving picture

In June 2021, Uzbek customers purchased 50 rammers, 70 steel cutting machines, 30 road cutting machines and 5 straightening machines from our company. When the customer arrives at the warehouse and sees himself full of goods, he is surprised and delighted. He said, “The products I receive from your company always stimulate my vision. They are genuine and full of realism.”


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