7 features and functions of road cutting machine

There are 7 features and functions of the road cutting machine. The road cutting machine is used in the metal and non-metal industries. Generally speaking, the non-metal industry is divided into finer details, such as stone cutting machines with stone cutting, water cutting machines, sawtooth cutting machines, cutting fabrics and plastic
road cutting machine road cutting machine
  1. Hidden saw blade, low noise, high safety;
  2. Foot switch, automatic pressing and sawing;
  3. Use 12mm rubber block to press the material, which is not easy to damage;
  4. It can be single or multiple saw segments together;
  5. 800mm long feeding channel plate can improve sawing accuracy;
  6. Automatic oil injection on both sides, the oil volume can be adjusted separately, the cutting surface has no burrs, and the saw blade is more durable;
  7. This road cutting machine is machined by computer and has high sawing accuracy.

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