Advantages and disadvantages of mortar cement spray machine

Advantages and disadvantages of mortar cement spray machine

The advantages and disadvantages of the mortar cement spray machine – the reason and solution of the blocked pipe. The pipe blocking phenomenon caused by the high working pressure when spraying paint, the transportation distance is too far when spraying the paint, the high aspect ratio causes the working pressure to be too high, and the other The first is that the spray port is blocked, and the working pressure in the cement mortar pipe rises, causing bleeding at the connection, resulting in pipe blockage. This phenomenon is generally all signs of pipe blockage. At the same time, the flow rate is significantly reduced, and at the same time, the pressure gradually increases. At this time, it is necessary to shut down immediately. In the early stage of the blocked pipe, it is usually at the feed port, and it is very simple to clear it from the butt joint. If the pipe is not shut down immediately, the pipeline is seriously blocked. After cleaning the pipe to clear it, select a suitable plastic hose and start cleaning from the bottom right.

Mortar cement spray machine construction workers pay attention to:

1. Hydropower projects should be available in the area of the construction site, so that it is convenient to work;
2. On the construction site, these safe leveled roads should be selected as much as possible; in the case of the construction site, everyone should wear rubber gloves, protective masks, protective glasses and safety helmets to prevent the occurrence of accidents;
3. When the mortar cement spray machine is working, the hand cannot be put into the silo barrel;
4. It is also critical that mechanical equipment and power circuits must be prevented from accumulating in shopping malls and outdoor areas; only by paying attention to such hidden dangers can we truly achieve construction safety and ensure life safety and financial safety. The quality of spray paint has a small mutual change law, and the quantity and size are not uniform. In all normal spraying, the total flow suddenly decreases and the feed is uneven. Generally, there are several reasons for the following reasons. The distance between the spray pipes is too long, which will lead to a decrease in the total flow.

Operation method of high pressure grouting machine:

Before starting each shift, press the manual gasoline pump several times to drip oil into the transmission position. When the plunger type mortar cement spray machine uses vacuum pumping and mortar cement spray machine, it is necessary to refer to the national standards to carry out actual operation, and to carry out pre-work inspections of the system software and insurance devices in each work of underwater concrete machinery and equipment, and can only be carried out after the inspections meet the standards. Underwater concrete work, at the same time, in order to ensure the construction quality, the mortar conveying and pumping should continue to work to avoid interruption in the middle.
During the whole process of construction of the new product of the mortar cement spray machine, the agent adopted the manual method of wall painting, which improved the construction efficiency of the overall project. According to the construction work experience and specific requirements, the regulations for the mixing time of different types of cement mortar are obtained. The structure is basically stable. According to the provisions of the construction acceptance specification, the cement mortar construction can only be carried out after the main engineering project has reached the acceptance standard. In order to ensure the construction quality of cement mortar, it is stipulated that the mortar mix ratio design plan should be carried out according to this regulation before construction.

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