Buying Guide for the Best Plate Compactor

1.The compaction strength of plate compactor

The compaction force of a plate compactor is one of the most important things to check before buying one. As you would expect, it tells about the amount of compression force it exerts on the ground for compressing it. This force rating is given in pounds and includes options like 3000 pound or 4000 pound. When compared with each other, the higher 4000-pound rating offers better performance to the user. Such high compaction force ratings are more ideal for heavy-duty applications or where you need to compress the soil by a lot.
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2.Engine power of plate compactor

If you are familiar with plate compactors or have gone through the various most options present in this article, then you must know that these are generally powered by a gas engine. As a result, the power of this engine is quite important to check if you wish to ensure that it can properly compress the soil at your job site and make it more compact. Just like any other gas-powered power tool, you can find this rating as 5 HP or 7 HP in different plate compactors. Out of these two options, the higher 7 HP engine power offers better performance to the user.
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3.Engine capacity of plate compactor

You can also check the engine capacity of the gas engine of a plate compactor. This is another great way to get an idea of the performance numbers of your plate compactor. Usually, a larger engine capacity of 90 CC will offer better performance than a 60 CC gas engine. This also results in a higher engine HP rating for more power. Although, larger capacity gas engines also result in a high fuel consumption that can reduce the range of plate compactor. Therefore, you should get a plate compactor that offers a balance between performance and fuel efficiency.
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