Concrete laser screed manufacturers explain to you how to replace tires

The tires of the concrete laser screed will be seriously worn after being used for a long time. At this time, they should be replaced in time, which can reduce the occurrence of dangerous accidents. Secondly, pay attention to the replacement of some tires when replacing. details, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of errors during replacement. The following concrete laser screed manufacturers will take you to learn more about the method of replacing concrete laser screed tires.
The first step is to find a relatively flat and open site nearby, use a bracket to support the side of the flash bridge near the puncture, wedge the rear wheel of the concrete laser screed, and use tools such as a crowbar to remove the retaining ring and the lock ring. Then check whether the tire liner is adhered to the outer surface of the rim. If it occurs, the support can be removed, and the concrete laser screed can be reciprocated at a slow speed in a short distance until the liner is separated from the outer surface of the rim. Steering and high-speed driving are strictly prohibited to avoid damaging the inner tube. Then, the front wheel is back up.
concrete laser screed
The second step is to mark the relative positions of the inner and outer tires of the laser screed, so as to find and remove foreign objects and repair the tire. Use tools such as a crowbar to remove the tire of the laser screed from the rim. Note, Actions should be gentle and coordinated to avoid being smashed by the tire, and the valve should be protected. After the outer tire is punctured by a slender foreign body such as a nail, if there is no obvious wound on the surface or the wound is small, the other tire can continue to be used. If it is larger, it must be repaired.
concrete laser screed
If it is a new inner tube, the bolt at the bottom of the valve must be tightened to prevent air leakage, then remove the foreign matter in the inner cavity of the outer tire, and sprinkle appropriate talcum powder to spread it evenly. After the inner tube is installed, the inner tube should be properly inflated, and then the liner should be inserted.
concrete laser screed
The third step is to install the tire of the concrete laser screed on the rim, and install the lock ring and retaining ring; during the installation process, protect the valve, inflate the tire with a vehicle-mounted air compressor, press down the boom lift rod, and take out the bracket , so far the tire change is complete.
The knowledge shared by the concrete laser screed manufacturer for you is explained here. You can learn more about it, which will help you in your future use. Secondly, it is recommended that you regularly maintain and maintain the equipment, which can effectively reduce equipment failures. Thank you for your continued attention and support.

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