concrete power trowel machine

The scientifically designed centrifugal clutch transmission mechanism of trowel machines has large transmission torque, long service life and convenient maintenance.

The role of trowel machine

The Trowel machine is mainly used for slurrying, compacting, smoothing and trowel of concrete floors.
trowel machine

How to choose a trowel machine

  1. First of all, when selecting blades, you should pay attention to choosing blades with relatively high strength. Because the blade material is thin and soft, it is easy to cause uneven polishing during the polishing process, resulting in poor polishing effect. this circumstance occurs.
trowel machine
  1. In the trowel process, the trowel is rubbed against the concrete. Therefore, be sure to buy a wear-resistant blade to prevent the blade from being able to withstand the greater friction, which will cause the blade to be replaced soon.
trowel machine
    1. In order to ensure the balance of rotation, the trowel disc blade of similar size should be selected to ensure stable operation. The trowel disc blade plays an important role in the equipment and is directly related to the troweling effect.

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