Concrete pumps operation skills

Concrete pumps are very important construction equipment and have a wide range of applications. What is the effect of concrete pumps? It is related to many factors, among which operating skills have a great influence on it. Let us introduce the operation skills of the concrete pumps, you can refer to.
Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps operation skills:

Start and stop of the concrete pumps

  1. Open the door of the electric control cabinet and put the switch in the cabinet to the “close” position
  2. Close the control power button, connect the control circuit, and the indicator light is on.
  3. Check that the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the arrow of the oil pump.
  4. Start the pump: press the start and stop button of the oil pump, the main motor starts to observe the pressure gauge, and listen to whether the sound of the motor is normal. IMPORTANT: Pumping can only be done when the main motor starts normally.
  5. Pumping master control: jog cylinder 1, jog cylinder 2, repeat jogging 2-3 times (pay attention to the proximity switch distance of 0.5cm) for pumping.
  6. Start the main motor to run for a short time, and observe the pressure gauge to see if it is normal. First pump water, according to the length of the pipeline, first pump 0.3-0.5m3 of clean water to lubricate the pipeline hopper, concrete cylinder pump mortar

Concrete Pumps

When the mortar level in the hopper is still above the axis of the S pipe, add concrete and start normal pumping. Note that the added concrete should meet the pumping requirements. Clean up large aggregates in time to prevent large diameter aggregates from entering the hopper to avoid clogging.
Cleaning pipelines and concrete pumps
When cleaning the pipeline, it should be properly grasped, and the residual concrete in the pipeline can be used on the construction site as much as possible. This machine can use the pump to directly pump water to clean the pipeline.
Remember! In any case, the material tank hopper and conveying pipe should be cleaned.
Concrete Pumps

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