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Specializing in the production of construction machinery, steel reinforcement machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, compaction machinery.


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A few things we’re great at

More than 20 years of production experience. Dedicated research team and external sales team.Product quality is in a leading position in the construction machinery industry.

22+years of experience of measuring tools

OEM&ODM one-stop service

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Hot Product

power trowel

DMR1000D power trowel machine,Hand-held control, easy operation


FVR-880 mini compactor roller,ground compactor,small and flexible, strong compaction ability

Concrete Pumps

A walkable concrete transport pump, available in electric, gasoline and diesel versions

Ride on power trowel

CRT-36A ride on trowel machine,driven trowel, high work efficiency

Tamping rammer

HCR110.RM80 tamping rammer,jumping compactor,suitable for a variety of workplaces

Concrete Grinder

Grinding the ground, polishing the ground, multiple sets of grinding discs are suitable for any ground


Cement Equipment Road cutting machine Q400,Q480,Q500,Q800,Q1000

Steel bar bending machine

GW52P steel bar bending machine,steel bar/rebar bending machine

Steel Bar Cutting Machine

Rebar cutting machine, whether it is round or rebar, no matter how big, we can cut it

Concrete Vibrating Screed

Concrete vibrating leveling ruler, various lengths, and vibrating beams and other vibrating machines

Concrete Vibrator

Knapsack type concrete vibrator, as well as frame type and electric type, professional for concrete vibration

Rebar Straightening Machine

Steel bar straightening and cutting machine, efficient straightening and cutting of steel bars


What makes us unique

We support customization, have a professional team to design the products you need, and support dealer cooperation.


The mission

Promote the progress of the whole industry


The story

A 23-year-old factory strides to the world market


Our values

The industry’s top level and one-year warranty commitment


Our team

Dedicated R&D technicians and strong product production capabilities


Cooperation Case

Customer receiving picture

In June 2021, Uzbek customers purchased 50 rammers, 70 steel cutting machines, 30 road cutting machines and 5 straightening machines from our company. When the customer arrives at the warehouse and sees himself full of goods, he is surprised and delighted. He said, “The products I receive from your company always stimulate my vision. They are genuine and full of realism.”

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