Electric construction process and cutting process of concrete cutting machine

Concrete cutting machine construction process and technological process:

  1. During the electric construction of the concrete cutting machine, the site enclosure, equipment and staff are in place to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and the power and water sources that meet the standards are prepared.
  2. When construction equipment enters the site, make protective facilities and arrange full-time security personnel to observe the passage and safety matters.
  3. Clean up the site and remove the original decoration, pipeline and other construction obstacles;
  4. Set up a safe construction operation platform

concrete cutting machine concrete cutting machine

Concrete cutting machine Cutting process:

Each cutting block must be temporarily lifted and fixed in advance through the lifting hole to prevent the cutting block from collapsing suddenly. In the area where the electric cutting of the road cutting machine is completed, safety protection facilities and safety warning signs must be erected to prevent people or objects from falling.
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