Experience Summary: Advantages of concrete laser level machines

There are many advantages of concrete laser level machine, which must be understood by many friends. The reason why users and friends choose concrete laser level machine for ground leveling work is mainly due to the high work efficiency and good construction effect of the concrete laser level machine.It is simple and reliable to use, and it is very suitable for the leveling needs of various venues. In addition to the above, what other advantages does the concrete laser level machine have? Now let’s take a look at it below.
concrete laser level machine

Concrete laser level machine advantages:

▲The leveling principle of the concrete laser level machine is realized under the automatic control of the computer by using laser technology, closed-loop control technology and high hydraulic system, which is a prominent feature that is different from other floor construction techniques.
▲The leveling principle of the concrete laser level machine is to rely on the leveling head driven by hydraulic power, cooperate with the laser system and the computer control system to complete the leveling work while automatically leveling. The leveling head is equipped with an integrated design of scraper, vibrator and leveling plate, which integrates all leveling, leveling, vibrating and compacting work and completes it at one time. The computer control system automatically adjusts the elevation in real time 10 times per second. , The vibration frequency of the balanced vibrator is up to 3000 times/min.
concrete laser level machine
▲The laser transmitter used to control the ground level is arranged independently, so that the level of the ground is not controlled by the template, and there will be no cumulative error.
▲The concrete laser level machine can also automatically control the longitudinal and transverse slope, which is also completed by the laser system, computer system, hydraulic system and mechanical system. For complex-shaped grounds with high requirements such as drainage, a three-dimensional special-shaped ground treatment system can also be selected to achieve.
▲The laser transmitter can automatically control the plane and two-way slope. It can also be equipped with a three-dimensional special-shaped ground processing system for complex-shaped grounds with high requirements for drainage.
concrete laser level machine
▲The unique front driving operation mode can expand the field of vision, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
▲The steering and forward and backward operations are integrated in the handle, and the operation buttons and controllers are distributed on one side of the seat, making the operation more convenient and simple.

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