Features of steel bar straightening machine

Straighten and bend deformed pipe fittings, remove ash and rust on the surface of steel bars, and paint maintenance of steel bars (three-in-one straightening, rust removal and painting)
Steel Bar straightening machine

2.Straightening process of steel bar straightening machine

1. If there are block appendages on the steel bar, please remove it first
2. Starting equipment
3. Put the bent steel elbow up or down into the equipment and straighten it
4. Drive the rocker to maintain the precise positioning of the axial force and the angle of view will not change. Rotate the main shaft to make the straightening steel cut to the straightening position.
Steel Bar straightening machine

3.Applicable scenarios of steel bar straightening machine

It is used for straightening and restoring steel bars that have been bent and deformed during construction. The surface of the steel bars after straightening has no embossing or reduced diameter, which is better than the specifications formulated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (the bending degree per meter is less than one thousandth) . The steel bar straightening machine has idealized industrial equipment for construction engineering construction companies, engineering construction steel rental companies, and scaffolding construction companies.
Steel Bar straightening machineThe steel bar straightening machine is inseparably integrated by the straightening system software, the rust remover, and the paint box. It can be straightened independently, and it can also carry out the two-way work of steel bar straightening and rust removal. If it is necessary to paint the steel bar Marking can also be done separately

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