Features of steel bar straightening machine

The steel bar straightening machine has mechanical equipment for the maintenance of steel pipe fastener-type steel scaffolding steel bars. The key is to straighten and restore the scaffold steel bars and other pipe fittings that have been bent and deformed during construction. The surface of the straightened steel bar has no embossing or reduced diameter, which is better than the specifications formulated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The machinery and equipment are also capable of removing ash and rust on the surface of the steel bar, and carry out the function of painting. After long-term wind and sun exposure, the steel bars are corroded and eroded, and the wall thickness becomes soft. They are very easy to bend during construction, disassembly and transportation, and cannot be applied, which leads to problems such as safety risks for the erection of scaffolding steel bars. The equipment has a three-in-one function of straightening, rust removal, and painting, which greatly reduces manpower and physical effort and improves work efficiency.

Steel Bar straightening machine

2.Frequently Asked Questions of Steel Bar Straightening Machine

1. The diameter of the straightening steel bars must be strictly controlled, and it is never allowed to exceed the pipe diameter specification of the equipment after the adjustment of the equipment, or the equipment or the steel bars will be destroyed.
2. Initial inspection should be carried out for the steel bars that must be straightened. The steel bars with serious deformation, connection or flattening, and electric welding welds on the surface can only be straightened after they have been resolved.
Steel Bar straightening machine
3. After the steel bar enters the steel bar straightening machine, the end of the steel bar should be leveled, and the hand should be held one meter away from the pipe head. When the steel bar is automatically entered, the hand should be loosened as soon as possible. The operator should avoid the side of the steel bar to prevent the steel bar from being injured.. After the steel bar is out of the steel bar straightening machine, it can hold the front end of the steel bar to develop and move forward with the steel bar.
4. If the equipment does not rotate or the steel bars do not move forward during work, you should immediately turn off the steel bar straightening machine and press the “Flip” button to withdraw the tube. After the cause is found and the fault is detected, you can work again.
Steel Bar straightening machine
5. The equipment has a protective grounding screw. The wire connector should be installed and maintained as required to prevent electric shocks.

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