Five aspects of daily maintenance of rebar straightener

1.Five aspects of daily maintenance of rebar straightener:

A. Carry out essential maintenance on the motor seat of the rebar straightener, straightening drum pulley, feeding box pulley and chain sprocket, feeding wheel, etc.;
B. Do an inspection before each shift to fix the screws, bearings, and straightening wheel brackets;
C. Carry out cleaning and maintenance once a month;
D. Frequently check the temperature of each bearing and oil tank during work;
E. Fill the straightening wheel with oil in the straightening barrel of the rebar straightener.

rebar straightener

2.Customers should pay attention to the following items when operating and using the rebar straightener:

1. The installation of the rebar straightener should be stable, and the trough of the material rack should be straight and aligned with the  line of the guide tube, the straightening tube and the cutting hole of the lower knife. The motor needs to be equipped with reliable zero connection protection.
2. Select the straightening block and speed according to the diameter of the straightening steel bar. Straightening of steel bars shorter than 2m or greater than 9mm in diameter should be carried out at a low speed.
3. Before the straightening block is fixed and the protective cover is not covered, no steel bars shall be worn. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover and adjust the gap during operation. Operation with gloves is strictly prohibited.
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4. Before feeding, the non-straight material head should be cut off, and a 1m long steel pipe should be installed in front of the guide tube. The steel bar needs to pass through the steel pipe and then sent to the guide hole at the front end of the rebar straightener. When the steel bar penetrates a person, keep a certain distance between the hand and the pressing roller.
5. Tools and objects are not allowed to be placed on the machine to prevent vibration from falling into the body.
6. The disc steel bars should be placed on the ring frame smoothly. When the wire is disordered or the steel bars are off the frame, the machine needs to be stopped for processing.
7. The straightened steel bars shall be divided into small bundles according to the specifications and the number of steel bars. Scattered steel bars shall be cleaned and stacked neatly at any time.
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