How long can the blades of the road cutter be used?

The blade of the road cutter:

The road cutter has its own water source to spray the cutting blade, so that the blade life will be longer. The road cutter has strong power, and the mobile super rigid box structure ensures straight cuts, resists warping and vibration, and extends the saw and the service life of the blade is widely used in bridge deck paving, bridge deck roughening; the elevation of high-speed railway box girder bridge deck and track base plate.
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Leveling and milling operations; milling and leveling of highways, bridge decks, bridge staggered platforms, and over-elevation parts; cleaning of various road markings; grinding of damaged ground; sewage treatment; urban viaducts, public squares, airports Treatment of concrete floors in runways, large factories, logistics warehousing and other sites, road cutting and starting, and municipal maintenance of highways.
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The construction and operation of asphalt pavement, the product design conforms to ergonomic principles, the height of the handle can be adjusted according to human comfort, the depth of the incision can be adjusted by the rolling crank, the front hinge and blade protection design facilitates the replacement of the blade, and the rust-free water tank provides suitable blades for the blade water flow and volume.
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