How should diesel generator sets be maintained in winter?

Diesel generator sets should also pay attention to maintenance, otherwise extreme weather will be required, and the generator set will have problems, resulting in irreparable losses. Here, all owners of diesel generator sets are reminded to pay attention to the maintenance of generator sets at any time in winter to ensure that the generator sets can be automatically started and automatically put into power transmission in the event of a power outage, so as to ensure timely electricity consumption.

So, how to maintain the diesel generator sets in winter?

Diesel generator,Cummins generator

  1. Avoid premature waterproofing or do not put cooling water. The diesel generator sets should run at idling speed before turning off the flame. When the cooling water temperature drops below 60°C and the water is not hot, turn off the flame and waterproof. If the cooling water is released prematurely, the diesel generator body will suddenly shrink and crack when it is suddenly attacked by cold air when the temperature is high. When waterproofing, the residual water in the diesel generator sets should be completely drained to prevent it from freezing and expanding and causing the body to burst.
  2. Do not use fuel oil casually. The low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, the viscosity increases, and it is not easy to be scattered, resulting in poor atomization and deterioration of combustion, resulting in a decline in the power and economic performance of diesel generator sets. Therefore, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter. It is generally required that the freezing point of diesel generator sets should be 7-10°C lower than the local minimum temperature in the current season.
3.Do not start with an open flame to support combustion. The air filter cannot be removed, and the cotton yarn is dipped in diesel oil and ignited to make a kindling material and put it in the intake pipe to start the combustion. In this way, during the startup process, the dust-laden air from the outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered, causing abnormal wear of pistons, cylinders and other parts, and will also cause the diesel generator sets to work rough and damage the machine.
Diesel generator,Cummins generator

4.Do not use an open flame to bake the oil pan. So as not to deteriorate or even burn the oil in the oil pan, reduce or completely lose the lubricating performance, thereby aggravating the wear of the machine. In winter, oil with a low freezing point should be used, and the temperature of the oil can be increased by heating the water bath outside the machine when starting.

5.Avoid improper start method. In winter, some drivers often use the abnormal starting method without water to start the diesel engine quickly. This practice can cause serious damage to the machine and should be prohibited. The correct preheating method is to first cover the thermal insulation quilt on the water tank, open the water valve, and continuously inject clean soft water of 60-70 °C into the water tank. The water tank is filled with clean soft water at 90-100℃, and the crankshaft is shaken to make all moving parts properly lubricated in advance, and then start again.

Diesel generator,Cummins generator

6.Diesel generator sets are not allowed to operate under low temperature load. After the diesel generator sets started to catch fire, some drivers could not wait to put the load into operation immediately. Due to the low temperature of the body and the high viscosity of the oil, the diesel generator sets that has caught fire soon is not easy to fill the friction surface of the moving pair, which will cause serious wear and tear of the machine. In addition, plunger springs, valve springs and injector springs are also prone to breakage due to “cold brittleness”. Therefore, after the diesel generator sets starts to catch fire in winter, it should be idling at low and medium speed for a few minutes, and then put into load operation when the cooling water temperature reaches 60 °C.

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