【Knowledge class】How to maintain the laser concrete leveling machine

Using a laser concrete leveling machine to level the ground is the first choice for many construction teams, and it is also relatively easy to use a laser concrete leveling machine to lay the ground, which can largely replace labor work and improve work efficiency. Shortened construction time. However, we should not forget to maintain it during the use of the concrete laser leveling machine. Since the machine will come into contact with concrete during use, the maintenance requirements for the machine are relatively high.
laser concrete leveling machine
  1. It is not allowed to work under the load that the laser concrete leveling machine can bear. As the manager of the laser leveler, when the operator is designated, the laser leveler information and operation manual should be handed over to the operator., so that the operator can normally grasp the mechanical properties and operating procedures.
  2. It is necessary to ensure the uniform increase and decrease of the load of the laser concrete leveling machine as much as possible, so that the machine is in a relatively gentle load change, that is, to increase or decrease the throttle more evenly, to prevent the engine and the working device from fluctuating.
  3. Use lubricating oil scientifically. More than half of the failures of the concrete laser screed are caused by poor lubrication. Due to the precision of the coordination of the various parts of the screed, good lubrication can keep it normal working gap and suitable. Working temperature, thereby reducing the degree of wear of parts, normal and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce mechanical failures. In the process of use, first, the lubricant should be selected reasonably. Neither low-grade lubricants nor other types of lubricants can be used instead, and inferior products cannot be used.
  4. Various failures will occur during the use of the concrete laser leveling machine. Among these failures, some of the failures may have a very small impact on the mechanical equipment, and some may be more serious. Moreover, serious mechanical failures are often caused by some minor failures. The reason is that the timely disposal of small failures is neglected. For laser leveling machine failures, no matter how big or small, they should be eliminated in time, so as to maintain the mechanical normal performance.laser concrete leveling machine
  5. After the construction is completed, the concrete laser leveling machine needs to be pushed out of the construction site, and the vibration leveling part of the equipment cannot be brought into contact with the ground, and the construction equipment cannot be pushed when the vibration leveling part is in contact with the ground, because doing so It is very easy to cause damage to the vibration plate of the equipment. After the construction is completed, the equipment needs to be cleaned, but the mesh part of the equipment body cannot be washed, because during the cleaning process, water is very easy to flow into the equipment along the mesh, resulting in a short circuit of the laser concrete leveling machine.

laser concrete leveling machine

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