How to operate the road cutting machine?

An introduction to how to operate a road cutting machine

There is no need for electricity and no need to pressurize the oil storage tank, which overcomes the tedious preparation work before use. The torch body has a reasonable structure, is easy and quick to operate, and greatly simplifies the on-site finishing work after use. The gasoline road cutting machine is full of liquid from the gasoline tank to the cutting nozzle, and the liquid is not tempered, so the road cutting machine will definitely not produce tempering.
road cutting machine
The gasoline tank is filled with high-tech explosion-proof materials recommended by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Labor. Even if the gasoline in the gasoline tank is directly incinerated, the gasoline can only be slowly incinerated, without violent incineration and explosion. (The oil tank equipped with this explosion-proof material can even carry oil to repair the welding gap of the oil tank).
road cutting machine
In addition, it has been confirmed by experiments that even if the oil pipeline is suddenly cut off during the road cutting machine operation, the road cutting machine will continue to operate normally for several minutes until the gasoline in the oil pipeline is exhausted without causing a fire and endangering personal safety due to gasoline splashing. It is unmatched by other gasoline torches.
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The gasoline tank is equipped with a constant pressure safety valve. On the one hand, it can eliminate the negative pressure generated in the tank after long-term operation in the closed state, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the gasoline in the tank will not leak when the gasoline tank is accidentally dumped. come out. Use gasoline road cutting machine to cut the upper edge of the steel without undercut, burning collapse, no nodule or slag on the lower side, the cutting surface is smooth and neat and easy to arrange, and the surface will not produce carbon increase and hardening phenomenon, which greatly reduces the damage during processing. Data waste and processing difficulty.

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