Inspection Regulations for Second-hand Rebar Straightener

1.Inspection Regulations for Transmission System of Second-hand rebar straightener

1. The transmission mechanism should run smoothly, and there should be no abnormal noise, and the transmission gear and spline shaft should not have broken teeth, gnawed teeth, cracks and surface shedding;
2. The number of transmission belts should be complete, there should be no damage or breakage, and the tightness should be appropriate.
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2.Inspection Regulations for the Straightening System of the rebar straightener and the Traction and Blanking Mechanism

1.Rebar straightener‘s straightening cylinder and shaft should be free from bends, cracks and shaft pin wear;
2. The clutch should be sensitive and reliable, and should be consistent when combined, and should not undercut; the sliding gear of the speed control should be flexible and should not move;
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3. The opening and closing of the automatic blanking mechanism should be flexible, the blanking should be accurate, and the parts of the blanking rack should be firmly connected;
4. The work of the traction wheel should be effective, the adjustment mechanism should be sensitive, and the slider movement should not be blocked;
5. The adjusting nut, return spring and sprocket mechanism should be sensitive and reliable.
6. The connection of the frame, motor, bearing seat and straightening cylinder of rebar straightener should be firm, and all shafts and pins should be complete and intact.
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