Installation and debugging of Steel Bar straightening machine

1.Installation of Steel Bar straightening machine

First put the body on a flat ground, and install the body and the runway bracket with screws. Then install the runway pole on the track wheel, use a meter ruler to measure the required size from the cutter head, then fix the positioning button, and then connect the motor switch to the power supply (when connecting the power supply, connect the middle row of the gate to the most The three screws above, then slowly turn the straightening cylinder by hand to feed the wire into the wire presser and then turn on the power) Move the switch handle, if the rotation direction of the wire gripper is wrong, change the motor inlet connector. Add oil and butter to all rotating parts. Before starting, put down the protective cover and check whether the motor joints are leaking. Connect the ground wire to the body of the straightener.Idling for 2-3 minutes, then thread the wire into the high-speed rotor of steel bar straightening machine, press the wire with the wire gripper, and then penetrate into the cross-cut wire cutter hole. Adjust the angle of the adjustment die in the high-speed rotor, and it can work normally after reaching the effect of straight wire.

Steel Bar straightening machine

2.Debugging of Steel Bar straightening machine

1. Before starting the steel bar straightening machine, you must read the instruction manual and add lubricating oil according to the regulations. Check whether the fasteners are tightened and the rotation direction of the wire feed wheel conforms to the prescribed direction. If you find any problems, please deal with it in time.
Steel Bar straightening machine
2. Check whether the nut on the cross-cut wire cutter is loose. The gap between the cross-cut wire cutter and the vertical wire cutter is as small as possible, but it should not be too tight. Generally, it is advisable to slide up and down. The upper and lower gap is generally 2-3mm, and the pressure between the upper punch and the vertical wire cutter is generally 4-5mm.
3. There is a slight bend in the silk after straightening by hand, which means that the angle of the straightening die is large, and the adjustment cost should be reduced. If there is a big bend, the angle of the adjusting die should be increased. If it is not straight, It is necessary to check whether the high-speed rotor of the wire feed wheel and the hole of the cross-cutting knife are in a horizontal position. These three points must be in line, and the horizontal position cannot be deviated from left to right.That’s all for the steel bar straightening machine installation test
Steel Bar straightening machine

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