Keep in mind the correct operation method of laser screed can effectively reduce fuel consumption

Proficient in the correct operation of the laser screed:

In order to reduce unnecessary operations that increase fuel consumption in the laser screed, the premise is that you must first know the basic operations of the laser screed well, and master the correct operations of loading, walking, turning, leveling, and slope repairing. Who is to blame for the poor laser screed and oil, especially remind the newbies who have just entered the industry to listen to the advice of the master and learn the leveling work well.
laser screed

laser screed reduce unnecessary idling:

If you want to save fuel, you must reduce the necessary idle speed of the engine. It should be clear that when the laser leveler is running at idle speed, it is also using the hydraulic pump to circulate the hydraulic oil. The longer the idle time, the more fuel is wasted. The correct fuel-saving operation method is to try not to idle the laser leveler during standby and rest. This is one of the secrets of fuel-saving.
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Decrease the speed of the laser screed engine:

During the same excavation operation, when the engine is at a high speed, the operation speed is fast, but the fuel consumption is high; when operating at a non-full throttle, the engine speed is appropriately reduced. Although the operation speed is reduced, it can reduce the fuel consumption. consumption and improve fuel efficiency.
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Laser screed walking on non-full throttle:

The concrete laser level machine should walk under the engine’s non-full throttle. Everyone should know that the higher the engine speed, the faster the walking speed and the higher the fuel consumption. Reducing the engine speed during operation can improve the fuel consumption efficiency when walking.

Reduce the rotation angle of the laser leveler:

Minimize the rotation angle. If the rotation angle is small, the operation cycle can be shortened, the amount of work per unit time can be increased, and the fuel consumption efficiency can be improved, and then the truck is placed closer to the excavator.

The laser screed should try not to do invalid actions:

If you want to save fuel, you should also pay attention to minimize the ineffective actions of the laser screed. Ineffective actions can only waste more oil in vain. It should be operated according to the specific conditions of the construction operation to avoid unnecessary rotation.

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