laser screed manufacturers explain the winter maintenance problems for you in detail

The temperature in winter is relatively low, and the laser screed is very prone to failure and failure to start. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance in a timely manner, pay attention to some details during maintenance, and try to clean the equipment regularly. Maintenance, which can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, and also greatly help the work efficiency of the equipment. The laser screed manufacturer will take us to learn more about the maintenance rules in winter.
One: engine maintenance in winter
Choose the antifreeze that is suitable for the local temperature, and replace it every 1 year. Before winter comes, replace the winter fuel in advance to avoid the low temperature caused by ordinary diesel in the filter element and the pipeline, which will cause the engine to fail to start normally. Turn on the compressed air system. Anti-icing device and regularly check the ether level . Many engines need to add some additional additives to the coolant, namely SCA (Supplementary Coolant Additive), which usually acts on the aluminum parts in the process of contacting the coolant, so that they more effectively prevent metal corrosion, mineral precipitation, cylinder liner cavitation and foaming . Please refer to the laser screed manual for details.
laser screed
Two: electrical system maintenance
Please start the engine once every half a month, charge the battery, and run all hydraulic actuators at the same time, such as rotating hydraulic motors, telescopic cylinders, etc. Do not remove the battery from the laser screed to prevent the internal software of the controller from being caused by parking the equipment for a long time. Program loss symptoms.
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Three: Hydraulic system maintenance
Start the laser screed regularly and turn on all hydraulic functions on the laser screed, so that the hydraulic drive components work regularly to prevent damage to related seals due to long-term parking, and corrosion of metal components such as cylinder rods. All cylinder rods are retracted into the hydraulic cylinder oil cavity to better protect the surface of the cylinder rod.
laser screed
Four: parts maintenance
Before parking the laser screed for a long time in winter, lubricate and maintain the mechanical hinge points and bearings, check the integrity of the dust jackets of various mechanical parts, replace the damaged seals in time, and contact the metal exposed to the air. The surface should be rust-proof, start the engine of the laser screed regularly and run all the reduction gear boxes to prevent the shaft seals in the gear box and the rubber seals from being damaged due to long-term parking and bonding with the gear oil.

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