Operation points of rod straightening machine

How to operate the rod straightening machine

  1. According to the diameter of the steel bar to be straightened, select a suitable straightening die. The diameter of the straightening die of rod straightening machine should be 2-3mm larger than the diameter of the steel bar to be straightened. The two straightening dies at the beginning and the end must be placed on the centerline of the straightening cylinder, and the middle three can violate the centerline. Generally, the steel bar has an offset of 3 ram first. After trial and straightening, if it is found that the steel bar still has a slow bending phenomenon, it can be corrected by gradually adjusting the offset until the steel bar can be straightened.rod straightening machine
  2. In order to ensure the safety and quality of the rod straightening operation, the straightening and blocking machine should be installed on a solid concrete foundation, and a machine shed should be set up for outdoor operations, and there should be enough space for stacking raw materials and semi-finished products next to the machine shed.
  3. The trough device of the receiving rack should be straight, and its center should be aligned with the center line of the guide cylinder, the straightening cylinder and the lower cutter hole. The steel bar turntable should be installed at 5-8m of the interval straightening machine.
  4. Before the official start of work, the rod straightening machine should be operated without load for 2 hours, and then check the temperature of the bearing, check whether the hammer, cutter or cutting gear and other components are working normally, and only after confirming that there is no abnormality, can the material be fed and processed. Test straightening and blocking capabilities.
  5. Check whether the electrical system and parts of the newly installed rod straightening machine are damaged, whether the connection of each part and the connecting parts are firm and reliable, whether the rolling parts work sensitively, and whether the performance of the transmission and control system meets the requirements, all of the above aspects. After meeting the requirements, the trial work can be carried out.rod straightening machine
  6. Adjust the fixed cutter appropriately according to the position of the movable cutter. The blade clearance of the upper and lower cutters should be no more than 1mm, and the lateral clearance should be no more than 0.10-0.15mm.

rod straightening machine

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