Operation points of steel bar straightening machine

1.Precautions for the operation of the steel bar straightening machine:

1. The steel bar straightening machine must be kept and used by a dedicated person
2. Be familiar with the operation of the steel bar straightening machine before starting up
Steel Bar straightening machine
3. Before turning on the steel bar straightening machine for adjustment or testing, the power must be turned off, and live operation is strictly prohibited
4. During production, no one is allowed within 3 meters from the feeding mechanism to both sides of the feed inlet to prevent the rebar from popping out and hurting people.
5. Special personnel are required to supervise the machine during operation. If there is any abnormality, it must be shut down and power off immediately.

Steel Bar straightening machine
1. The numerical control instrument is dust-proof, moisture-proof, rain-proof, imitating high temperature, and sun-proof
2. Protect the wires, and prohibit water immersion and rolling
3. Lubricate the carriage rails once a day
Correct operation method of steel bar straightening machine
4. The power of the straightener must be turned off when it is not used for a long time or during thunder and lightning.
5. Check the hydraulic oil level frequently, the filter must be immersed 3-4cm, pay attention to keep the hydraulic oil clean, and replace it every 6-12 months.

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