Operation steps of steel bar straightening machine

Operation steps of steel bar straightening machine:

1. Turn on the power of the control box of the steel bar straightening machine, wait for the computer board to return to zero, press [Set], the batch display “1”, and the length number window flashes
2. Enter the length and press the [Enter] key, for example: enter 3.85 meters, press [3] [8] [5] [OK] (note that when the value does not need to be changed, press [OK]; if you make a mistake, press [ Retreat】Go back one digit; press 【Cancel】to return)
Steel Bar straightening machine
3. Enter the quantity and press [OK]; for example: input 288, press [2] [8] [80] [OK]
4. Follow the steps to enter the length and quantity of all batches (enter 20 batches)
5. After inputting the quantity of the next batch, press [Setup complete], all windows will display “0”, and the setting is over
6. Press【Run】to start automatic unloading

Steel Bar straightening machine

There are four reasons why the steel bar straightening machine cuts the same length but the size is not allowed:

1. The meter wheel is worn too badly (it can be restored by adjusting the parameters of the computer board or replacing the meter wheel)
2. The computer board parameters are out of order (you can just restore the factory settings, and you won’t be able to consult the sellers and manufacturers)
3. The meter counter (also called the encoder) is damaged (this possibility is very small) (just replace the meter counter with the same parameters)
Steel Bar straightening machine
4. The diameter of the replaced meter wheel is inconsistent with the original meter wheel of the steel bar straightening machine (when replacing the meter wheel, please replace the meter wheel with the same diameter as the original factory)

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