Precautions for choosing a concrete cutting machine in the market

Considerations for choosing a concrete cutting machine

1)Concrete cutting machines on the market are mixed, and some of them were far from being able to adapt to and meet the needs of users. New concrete cutting machine. The concrete cutting machine is composed of six parts: frame, turning table, cross-cutting mechanism, horizontal cutting car, hydraulic system and electric control system.
concrete cutting machine
2)The frame is composed of left and right longitudinal beams, beams, columns, racks, and pointed rails. It is composed of cross-cutting frame, transmission and overpass installation, guide wheel, swing installation, cutting wire and so on. The transmission and overrunning installation drive the cross-cutting frame to cut the blank vertically, and the cutting wire swings in both directions at the same time.
concrete cutting machine
3)The horizontal cutting car is composed of frame, scraper installation, trimming installation, transmission installation, hanging column, sheave group, and flat theory group. There are two sets of sheave wheels and two sets of flat wheels on both sides of the horizontal cutting car. The horizontal cutting car is driven by the transmission installation to walk back and forth on the tip rail and the war rail to complete horizontal cutting and “bread head” cutting.
concrete cutting machine Q480
4)The turning table is composed of a turning frame, a cart, a trolley, a turning main oil cylinder and a walking oil cylinder. Vertical cut and six-sided cut, flip back to the starting position after finishing the concrete cutting machine.

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