Precautions for the use of steel bar cutting machine

The steel bar cutting machine plays a very important role in the construction of my country’s national economy. It is mainly used for steel bar cutting in my country’s large-scale water conservancy project construction, house construction, bridge construction, etc., compared with traditional manual processing of steel bars. Higher efficiency is better.
Steel Bar Cutting Machine

2.The following items should be paid attention to during the use of the steel bar cutting machine:

1. After the steel bar cutting machine is started, it should be run dry first. After checking that the transmission parts and bearings are running normally, it can be operated. When the steel bar cutting machine does not reach the normal speed, it should not be cut off.
2. The operator should stand on the side of the fixed blade and press the steel bar forcefully. It is strictly forbidden to hold the steel bar on both sides of the blade with two hands and bend over and feed the material.
3. It is not allowed to cut steel bars and red-hot steel bars whose diameter and strength exceed those specified on the mechanical nameplate.
Steel Bar Cutting Machine
4. When cutting the steel bar, the distance between the hand and the knife edge shall not be less than 15cm. When the hand-held end of the cut short material is less than 40cm, the short end of the steel bar should be pressed or clamped with a casing or clamp. It is strictly forbidden to feed the material directly by hand.
5. It is strictly forbidden to directly remove broken ends and debris near the knife edge by hand during mechanical operation.
6. Non-operators are not allowed to stay within the swing range of the steel bar and near the knife edge.
steel bar machine Steel bar cutting machine GQ55
7. If the steel bar cutting machine is running abnormally, the blade is skewed, etc., it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.
8. After the operation, the power supply should be cut off, and the debris between the cutters should be removed, and the whole machine should be lubricated.

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