Preparatory work for driving a concrete laser screed for the first time

The operator who uses the concrete laser screed for the first time does not know all aspects of the equipment. First of all, he must read the instruction manual to be familiar with the structural characteristics of the equipment and the taboos of use as soon as possible. To avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents when using the equipment, let’s take a detailed look at the preparations for the first use of the concrete laser screed.
concrete laser screed

Preparations for driving a concrete laser screed

First of all, after the base layer is processed, the equipment of the concrete laser screed is debugged, and the fixed reference point is set according to the original level point, the plastic film is laid, the steel mesh is bound (according to the design needs), the side mold is set up, and the laser transmitter is set up. , According to the original standard point, the floor elevation is introduced into the concrete laser screed, the concrete is transported, and the commercial concrete is used, and the concrete truck is transported to the construction site.
concrete laser screed
Secondly, check the elevation, use the hand-held receiver to check the elevation of the floor, introduce the elevation into the concrete laser screed, adjust the reference point on the concrete laser screed, concrete paving, within the effective construction range of the leveling head of the leveling machine, First, manually level the concrete to a height of 1-2 cm higher than the floor level (the specific height depends on the slump of the concrete), and then the leveling machine completes the vibrating, compacting and leveling work at one time.
concrete laser screed
Furthermore, when the poured concrete reaches the initial setting, it should be polished by a polishing machine, and then troweled manually. It should be kept in a moist curing state, and the curing agent should be sprayed for curing (according to the design requirements). In order to achieve a good curing effect, the surface should be covered to isolate the concrete from the outside. During the curing period, when the strength of the surface layer concrete does not meet the requirements , the concrete laser leveling machine is strictly prohibited.
In addition, the cutting seam of the concrete laser leveling machine should be carried out after the surface treatment of the floor is completed according to the design requirements, that is, it should be carried out before the final setting of the concrete. The spacing, width and depth of the cutting seam should meet the requirements of the design and construction specifications. The preparation work required to use the concrete laser screed is very tedious, which requires you to prepare patiently and carefully to ensure.

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