Reasonable use of laser screed machine machine to stay away from the phenomenon of “rollover”

In the construction site, the figure of the laser screed machine often appears in people’s field of vision. Its performance in the construction industry is obvious to all, but in the process of use, the phenomenon of “overturning” of the leveling machine is a serious problem. Everyone’s headache, the occurrence of this phenomenon will seriously affect the quality of construction. Regarding this issue, our staff has given some suggestions to solve the “rollover” phenomenon of the laser screed machine . Please read the following together.
laser screed machine
●Check the road surface before the laser screed machine, remove obstacles on the road, keep irrelevant personnel away from the excavator, and then lift the bucket to prepare for starting.
●Check the direction of the crawler frame, determine the position of the driving wheel, then honk the horn, and the leveler starts walking slowly.
●When the laser screed machine is reversing, it is necessary to estimate the space behind the car in advance. If the blind spot is too large, a special person should be asked to direct and coordinate at the back.
laser screed machine
●The driver controls the walking speed according to the road conditions. When walking on the open flat ground, he can choose “1” gear. The walking speed of the leveler will automatically increase or decrease according to the working pressure of the hydraulic traveling circuit; when going up and down slopes, he can choose “0”. “Block, the leveler travels at low speed and high torque.
●When the laser screed machine is walking, try to choose a flat road to avoid the rotation of the upper turntable. When walking on bad ground, avoid rocks from damaging the walking motor and crawler frame.
●When the laser leveler walks on the slope, it is best to drive as straight as possible; keep the bucket 20-30cm away from the ground, and immediately put down the bucket if it encounters slipping and rolling. In the event of a stall stop on a ramp, lower the bucket to the ground, place the control lever in neutral, and restart the engine.
●Avoid the laser leveler walking in water as much as possible. If wading is required, the water depth and the degree of the soft and hard platform on the bottom should be checked in advance. It is not suitable for walking if the underwater silt is too deep or the water surface exceeds the crawler.
laser screed machine
●Before the laser leveler starts the engine, it also needs to be checked, such as checking the liquid level of the coolant (adding water), checking whether the air filter element is blocked, checking the oil level of the excavator engine, checking the hydraulic oil level (adding hydraulic pressure) oil), check the excavator fuel level (add fuel), check whether the horn is normal, check the lubrication of the bucket, check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator, etc.

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