The status quo of my country’s rebar bending machine industry

1. The overall situation of the rebar bending machine industry has improved

“In the first quarter of this year, the China Economic Equipment Manufacturing Industry Prosperity Index reached 99.4 points, an increase of 0.7 points from the previous quarter, showing that the industry’s prosperity is indeed continuing to pick up.” Bai Yong, China Rebar Bending Machine Industry Association Rebar Bending Machine Industry Information Center As the director told reporters. The steel bar bending machine industry accounts for 80% of the equipment manufacturing industry and is a major component of the equipment manufacturing industry. According to the statistics of the China Rebar Bending Machine Industry Association from January to February this year, the production and sales growth rate of the national rebar bending machine industry is relatively high, reaching more than 45%, and the company’s main business income has increased by 49% year-on-year. The development of the steel bending machine industry The positive momentum has been further consolidated, and this year has achieved a good start.

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2. The rebar bending machine industry focuses on sustainable development

“Although the production and sales situation of the steel bar bending machine industry has improved, companies’ reliance on relevant support policies continues to increase.” Bai Yongru analyzed that in the first quarter of this year, sub-sectors such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and electrical engineering continued to increase. It is the locomotive driving the growth of the steel bending machine industry. The growth of these industries has obviously benefited from the stimulus of national policies. For now, the relevant policy measures will continue to play a role in the second quarter and the second half of the year. Therefore, the steel bending machine industry will maintain a stable operation in the second three quarters of this year.
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In the long run, the recovery of the steel bar bending machine industry will await the steady recovery of demand in both the international and domestic markets. From the domestic point of view, the expansion of private investment still needs a process; from the international market, the foundation for the recovery of the world economy is still fragile, and the demand in the international market is weak. It is difficult for the export of Chinese machinery products to grow rapidly in a period of time.
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