Rebar Bending Machine of Advantages and Types

1.Advantages of rebar bending machines

Bar bending makes it possible for workers to target every other aspect of the job, and enable the device to achieve this tedious work. Its advantages include;

  • Manufactured with electrical and mechanical components that perform the bending task in a structured manner
  • Increases the speed of your work and cuts down the time taken for bending
  • Facilitates to doing multiple jobs in a day and gives you more time for other work.
  • Reduces the chances of accidents and further injuries due to its speedy cutting ability. The latest models have safety options that help to manage the heat and pressure during cuts.
  • They are highly portable and easily moveable
  • Enables you to do multi-task jobs within a short period as it has high capacity cutting tools
  • The bending equipment, compactly structured achieves accurate bending
  • Can bend in wide varieties of arcs between 0 to 180 degrees for various construction purposes
  • Speeds up the operations while offering greater quality in bending
  • Automatic bend TMT bars into different angles between 0°and 180°according to different needs
  • Bend TMT bars with different diameters

2.Types of rebar bending machines

Electric Rebar Bender

Electric rebar bending machines are designed scientifically. The compact structure makes it have strong durability.

Hydraulic Rebar Bender

It helps save valuable man-hours by cleanly and efficiently bending or straightening bent rebar.

Automatic Rebar Bender

The latest automatic rebar bender cones attached with the servo system can automatically accomplish rebar feeding, straightening, bending and cutting working. The machine could continuously bend various stirrup figures and is used to produce rebar hook and stirrup products in construction, bridge, high-speed road and rebar fabricate plants.

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