Summary of operation problems of steel bar straightening machines

Customers often ask our technicians about various problems in the operation process, such as continuous cutting of steel bars, or insufficient cutting knives, etc., which are very easy to occur in the operation of steel bar straightening machiness. Today, Huiye Xiaobian will discuss These questions are summarized for you.
bar straightening machines

1.After the steel bar straightening machines are turned on, the upper knife does not extend back

(1)Check whether the oil pipeline is assembled correctly, and assemble it according to the instructions;

(2)Check whether the lower cutter is too small or oversized. Generally speaking, the clearance of the lower cutter should be kept at about 0.2 mm;

(3)Check whether the electromagnetic reversing valve is not reversed, and check the circuit connection and electrical conditions. If the electromagnetic reversing valve is faulty, it should be replaced.

bar straightening machines

2.The steel bar straightening machines cuts continuously or sometimes cuts continuously

(1)Check the high pressure for cutting off. If the cutting high pressure is abnormal, adjust the pressure according to the manual;

(2)Check whether the gap between the upper and lower knives is too large. If any difference is found, it should be adjusted to about 0.2 mm;

(3)Check whether the delay disconnection time and the relay time have short adjustment. If there is any difference, it should be set to 0.2~0.4 seconds;

bar straightening machines

(4)Check whether the strength of the steel bar to be cut is too high. The user can use the previously cut steel bar to cut it again on the machine, so as to distinguish the strength of the steel bar to be cut is greater than 750N.

3.The steel bar straightening machines do not cut

(1)Check whether the electromagnetic reversing valve is damaged or has debris in it. If it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced. If there is any foreign matter in it, it can be cleaned after dismantling it;

(2)Check whether the open point of the AC contactor (KA2) is burned out. If the above problems are found, it can be repaired or replaced;

(3)Check whether the proximity switch is damaged. If the above problems are found, it can be replaced;

(4)Check whether the ZJ intermediate relay is damaged. If the above problem is found, it can be replaced.

4.Steel bar straightening machines cutter does not cut in place

(1)Check whether the size is correct, put the front contact in place according to the size, and the steel bar will be automatically cut off when it reaches the contact position;

(2)If the contact has been adjusted and the size is accurate, but it is still not cut in place, there is a problem with the circuit between the contact and the CNC box, resulting in a slow response. Check the circuit.

The above are very common problems encountered in the operation of the steel bar straightening machines. If you encounter it during the operation, you can check the operation according to the above. If you still can’t solve it, you can directly contact the steel bar straightening machines manufacturer to have it check. maintain.

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