Installation and debugging of tube straightening machine

Installation and debugging of tube straightening machine:

Put the main machine of the tube straightening machine on a flat ground, connect the power supply, and idle for 2-3 minutes to stop.
Put the wire into the straightening cylinder, and then press the wire with the traction wheel.
tube straightening machine
The modules in the straightening cylinder of the tube straightening machine cannot be in a straight line. Start it and try it. If the wire is not straight, adjust the angle of the straightening die according to the picture description. After the wire is straightened, go to the next step.
Install the bracket and the slide bar. The bracket has two screws to be installed on the host. Put the slide bar on the host slot and the bracket pulley. As shown in the picture: Hang the long tension springs on both sides, pull it by hand, and adjust it to a smooth sliding position.
tube straightening machine
A very important step, after installation, turn it to the inside, block the cutter part, pull the slide bar by hand, adjust the gap, make the upper and lower punches bite 2mm after pulling, and fasten the stopper screw.
Use a meter ruler to measure the required size from the cutter head, then fix the positioning key, position the length, set the size, and adjust the slider to the size you need (measure from the bottom of the cutter assembly) with screws Fasten positioning.
The above is the installation and debugging steps of the tube straightening machine compiled by Xiaobian, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, keep following us.
tube straightening machine

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