How to cut concrete by road cutting machine

How the road cutting machine works

The electric cooling water diamond saw blade of the road cutting machine is used to drill holes and disassemble the concrete. The construction speed is faster, the noise is low, the cost performance is high, and there is no harm to the building structure. construction process.
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How to operate the road cutting machine:

Before starting the road cutting machine, check whether the motor and cable are normal, whether the saw blade meets the regulations, and whether the installation is appropriate.
road cutting machine
After the machine is started, run it with full load first, check the running position of the saw blade, whether the lift is flexible, and whether the operation is abnormal, and it can be used only after it is normal. The thickness of laser cutting should not exceed the original requirements of the equipment. During the operation of the concrete floor cutting machine, when there is an abnormal speaker, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. After the fault is detected, it can work again. After the construction of the electric engineering of the road cutting machine, the casing should be cleaned, the saw blade should be wiped, the remaining water in the sewage storage tank should be drained, the cables should be retrieved, and stored in a dry and cool place.
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