What kinds of steel bar straightening machines are there?

With the emergence of steel bar straightening machines, the traditional manual processing of steel bars has gradually been replaced, so what kinds of steel bar straightening machines are there? Today, I will show you a brief introduction.
What kinds of steel bar straightening machines are there? Generally, there are automatic steel bar straightening machines and semi-automatic steel bar straightening machines. Fully automatic, also called electric cutting machine, converts electric energy into kinetic energy through a motor to control the incision of the cutter to achieve the effect of cutting steel bars. The semi-automatic is to manually control the incision, so as to cut the steel bar. And more should belong to hydraulic steel bar straightening machine, hydraulic steel bar straightening machine is divided into two categories: rechargeable and portable.
bar straightening machines


Structure: The electro-hydraulic steel bar cutting machine is mainly composed of an electric motor, a hydraulic transmission system, a control device, and a stationary blade.
Working principle: The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, the eccentric surface of the eccentric shaft retracts and the plunger it contacts moves back and forth, so that the plunger pump generates high-pressure oil into the cylinder, pushes the piston in the cylinder, drives the moving blade forward, and The fixed blades fixed on the support are staggered to cut the steel bars.
bar straightening machines

2.manual hydraulic:

Structure: The hydraulic system of the manual hydraulic steel bar cutting machine is composed of pistons, plungers, hydraulic cylinders, pressure rods, pull pins, return springs, oil storage barrels and discharge and suction valves.
bar straightening machines
Working principle: First tighten the oil discharge valve clockwise, lift the pressure rod, the plunger is lifted, the oil suction valve is opened, and the hydraulic oil enters the oil chamber; when the pressure rod is lifted, the hydraulic oil is compressed into the cylinder cavity, thereby Push the piston forward, and the movable cutter installed at the front end of the piston can cut off the material. Immediately after the material is cut off, unscrew the oil valve counterclockwise. Under the action of the return spring, the pressure oil flows back to the oil chamber, and the cutter automatically retracts into the cylinder. And so on and so forth, to cut tendons.
It is suitable for cutting all kinds of ordinary carbon steel, hot rolled round steel, rebar, flat steel and square steel in construction projects.

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