Serious damage caused by failure of concrete laser screed machine Standard operation can effectively avoid accidents

Any mechanical equipment attaches great importance to safety in the process of use, and the concrete laser screed machine is no exception. How to ensure the safety of the equipment during the use of the concrete laser screed machine? If you want to solve this problem, you can first understand what damage the leveler will cause in the event of an accident. This can bring a warning effect to the user, and can be more careful when operating. The details are as follows:
concrete laser screed machine
  1. The damage caused by the rotation of the parts and components of the concrete laser screed machine. For example, parts and components such as gears, pulleys, pulleys, chucks, shafts, smooth screws, lead screws, and shaft supply joints in machinery and equipment are all rotating. The main forms of personal injury caused by rotating motion are strangulation and object strike injuries.
  2. Damage caused when the parts and components of the concrete laser screed machine move in a straight line. Such as forging hammer, punch, cutting sheet. The pressure parts of the table, the head of the planer, the bed surface of the gantry press, the bridge crane, the trolley, and the lift-table, etc., all move in a straight line. Injury accidents caused by parts and components that are used for linear transport mainly include crushing, smashing, and crushing.
  3. The damage caused by the tool. For example, turning tools on lathes, milling tools on milling machines, drills on drilling machines, grinding wheels on grinding machines, saw blades on sawing machines, etc. are all tools for machining parts. The injuries caused by the tool when machining parts mainly include burns, stab wounds and cuts.
  4. Damage caused by the parts being processed. Mechanical equipment may cause personal injury during the processing of parts. This type of injury accident mainly includes: 1. The processed parts are not fixed firmly and are thrown out and hurt people. For example, the lathe chuck is not clamped firmly, and the workpiece will be thrown out and hurt people when it rotates. ②The parts to be processed may be injured during lifting and loading and unloading.
  5. Damage caused by the electrical system. Most of the machinery and equipment used in factories are powered by electricity, so each machinery and equipment has its own electrical system. It mainly includes motors, distribution boxes, switches, buttons, local lighting, and zero (ground) and feeder wires. Electrical system damage to people is mainly electric shock.
  6. Injuries caused by hand tools.
  7. Other injuries. In addition to the above-mentioned injuries, the concrete laser screed machine may also cause other injuries. For example, when some mechanical equipment is used, it is accompanied by strong light, high temperature, and some releases chemical energy, radiation energy, and dust poisonous substances, etc., which may cause harm to the human body.

concrete laser screed machine concrete laser screed machine

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