How should we maintain the small road roller in winter? What are the connection methods?

The maintenance measures for small road rollers in winter are as follows:

First, clean the body, clean the inner and outer rollers, including the engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump, oil pipe connection and other components, flush the water tank, hydraulic oil radiator, cylinder head radiator and cooling channel to monitor whether there is leakage and help enhance heat dissipation;
The second is to observe whether the bolts of each joint are complete, loose or missing, such as engine claw bolts, transmission shaft bolts, gearbox fixing bolts, etc. And tighten the loose bolts in time;
The third is that the failures of mechanical equipment are listed in tabular form and eliminated item by item. Following this principle is easy. The original parts are selected during the three warranty periods, and the quality is guaranteed. Please remember to ensure the quality of repairs and avoid repairs. Same failure. In particular, hidden dangers should be dealt with in a timely manner;
small road rollers
The fourth is to maintain the vehicle, lubricate the lubrication points, replace the antifreeze oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, coolant according to the requirements of the manual, and replace the oil filter, diesel filter, hydraulic oil filter, engine oil for hydraulic transmission as required filter. Some engines have one or two drain switches where the coolant cannot drain. If water is used normally, the antifreeze must be replaced in winter, the water must be squeezed out with new antifreeze, and the water switch must be turned off. If the engine does not replace the antifreeze, it may cause the cylinder block to freeze, causing unnecessary losses.
small road rollers

What is the mechanical connection between medium-sized and small road rollers?

small road rollers

  1. Power connection: During operation, the mutual positions of the connecting parts can be connected according to the needs, such as the shaft and sliding bearing of the medium-sized and small road roller, the connection between the gear and the shaft in the transmission.
  2. Static connection: The mutual position between the connection parts of the medium-sized and small road roller cannot and does not allow the joint conversion, such as the connection between the worm gear ring gear and the wheel center, and the connection between the gear and the shaft of the reducer. The use of movable joints depends on the motion law inside the machine, while the use of static joints depends on the requirements of structure, manufacture, installation, transportation, installation and maintenance.
  3. Detachable connection: threaded connection, pin connection, wedge connection, key connection and spline connection. The use of removable couplings is usually due to the needs of construction, maintenance, manufacture, installation, transportation and installation.
  4. Non-removable connection: The small road rollers are riveted, welded and bonded. The use of non-detachable joints is usually due to technical requirements.

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