What problems should be paid attention to in the construction of small road rollers?

1.Small road rollers do not allow accurate clearance measurements.

The precise measurement is based on the precise measurement of the clearance in the direction of the major axis of the ellipse, i.e. the skirt of the piston rod that bisects the bore of the cylinder liner vertically.
small road rollers

2.The small road rollers use fire to heat the piston rod.

Immediately heat the piston rod with fire. The piston rod section is thin and asymmetrical, with different thermal deformations and retractions. Very easily deformed. If it reaches a certain high temperature, it will destroy the metal parts of the automatic refrigeration drum and reduce the wear resistance of the small drum. The service life will be greatly shortened.
small road rollers

3.The small road rollers sandpaper rolling bearing.

Many maintenance workers raise the contact surface between the floor tile and the shaft and scrub the rolling bearing sleeve with sandpaper. Since the sand is harder and the aluminum alloy is softer, the gravel can easily be put into the aluminum alloy during the entire grinding process when the small road rollers engine is running. The damage to the rolling bearing pads is accelerated and the service life of the engine crankshaft is shortened.
small road rollers

4.The vegetable oil of the small road rollers is very dirty.

When installing mechanical cylinder head gaskets, maintenance workers prefer to apply a layer of grease to the cylinder head. The cylinder head gasket must not only tightly seal the higher pressure steam in the cylinder, but also have a certain working pressure. Also, the cylinder head and cylinder block are liquid-tight. Cooling water and oil rub the grease on the cylinder head seals. When the anchor bolts of the cylinder head are tightened, a part of the grease will squeeze into the water safety channel and oil channel of the cylinder. When the vegetable oil remaining in the cylinder head of the small road rollers is working in the cylinder, the high temperature and high pressure steam body is very easy to damage, resulting in leakage and carbon deposition. Prolonged exposure to vegetable oils is likely to occur. At high temperatures, the cylinder head seals fail prematurely.

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