Steel Bar Cutting Machine

1.Importance of Steel Bar Cutting Machine

The steel bar cutting machine is a very common rebar processing machinery, which is widely used in the cutting work of various types of steel bars. Steel bar cutting machines can be said to be the most widely used and ideal steel cutting equipment in the construction and machinery industry, such as building, airport, tunnel, culvert, bridge, and some other projects. Different kinds of steel bar cutting machines in our company with high quality and reasonable price will be your ideal choice. Contact us for a quotation now.
Steel Bar Cutting Machine
There are generally automatic steel bar cutting machines and semi-automatic steel bar cutting machines. An automatic steel bar cutting machine can also be called an electric rebar cutter, which is a model that the electric energy is converted into kinetic energy by a motor to control the cutting edge and achieve the effect of shearing steel bars. The semi-automatic steel bar cutting machine is a kind of manual steel bar cutter that is usually manually controlled to cut the steel bar. The most commonly used now is the hydraulic steel bar cutter, which can be divided into the recharge model and portable steel bar cutting machine.
Steel Bar Cutting Machine

3.The Features of Steel Bar Cutting Machine

  • Small volumes and lightweight make it convenient to transport and move.
  • The compact and reliable structure makes it very easy to operate.
  • Lubricity is good, the use of box closed structure can achieve gear splash lubrication.
  • Long operation time that refueling can be continuous operation for more than one month.

Steel Bar Cutting Machine

  • Small function loss. The lubrication condition has been improved and the gear shaft uses the rolling bearing which has a small resistance. Compared with a similar cutting machine, the power can be reduced by one-third.
  • Easy to move and maintain, for that, it is equipped with movable casters.
  • The steel bar cutting machine is equipped with high-quality components.

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