Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

Steel Bar Stirrup Machine is one of the widely used steel bar processed machinery, which is a kind of steel bar bending equipment. The steel bar stirrup machine has the characteristics of simple bending process, high work efficiency, convenient use, and neat bending.In addition, the bending angle and size can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can bend the round steel with a diameter of 4-32mm or rebar with a diameter of 4-28mm into various geometric shapes required for construction projects.
Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

2.The Working Principle of Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

The Steel Bar Stirrup Machine is mainly composed of the motor, gearbox, electrical appliances, frame, and other components. When it starts to work, the motor rotates clockwise through the V-belt, decelerates through the gearbox, and then the main output shaft on the gearbox drives the bending arm to rotate. When the bending arm touches the control panel with a limited angle, the controller on the angle control returns automatically. When the bending arm returns to hit the microswitch, the microswitch open circuit motor stops, and the cutting work is completed.
Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

3.Six Features of Steel Bar Stirrup Machine

Aggravating the fuselage in a scientific way, which makes the center of gravity stable and easy to work.
180 degrees curved disco. All kinds of angles can be adjusted at will and the angle of the bending hoop is accurate.
The forging gear. International pure copper motor, thickened forging gear kit.
Steel Bar Stirrup Machine
The heightening blade can bend more steel bars at a time and improve working efficiency.
Accurate bending angle.
Easy to operate. The Steel Bar Stirrup Machine is controlled by a footstep switch.

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