Steel Bar straightening machine

steel bar straightening machine, also called rebar straightening machine, straightening broken wire machine, steel bar straightening and cutting machine. Straightening and breaking wire machine is a kind of straightening equipment. The steel bar straightening machine is one of the steel bar processing machinery. It is used to straighten and cut steel bars with a diameter of 14 mm or less, and the cut length can be customized according to customer requirements. Adjustable and straight cut stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, cold drawn wire, plastic coated steel wire, etc., with uniform incision, small error and good performance.

2.PSteel Bar straightening machinerinciple of operation of steel bar straightening machine

Steel Bar straightening machine

The motor is driven by a belt to increase the speed, so that the steel bar straightening machine cylinder rotates at a high speed, the steel bar passing through the steel bar straightening machine cylinder is straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bar is removed by the steel bar straightening machine die; the motor is driven by another pair of reduction belts and a gear reducer, one On the one hand, the two conveying rollers are driven to pull the steel bar to move forward, and on the other hand, the crank wheel is driven to make the hammer head move up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer head hits the upper tool post to cut the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving rack, the tool post returns to its original position due to the action of the spring, completing a cycle.

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