The difference between plate compactor and Tamping rammer

1.The role of plate compactor and Tamping rammer

Tools used to smash the foundation, heavy objects to smash the ground or other granular materials to compact.

2.Applicable scope and environment of plate compactor and Tamping rammer

Vibratory plate compactor
The working principle and purpose are different: plate compactor, vertical impact rammer. Compact a large area of sand and gravel
Plate rammers should be used, and vertical impact rammers should be used to ram the narrow and long groove foundations of clay. High-profile vertical rammer (small rammer) wide
It is widely used in construction, municipal administration, highway, railway and other fields. Such as: backfilling and tamping around the foundation and structure, the ground, curbstones, sinks, etc.
The previous base layer is compacted. Compaction around cable trenches, pipe trenches and poles; maintenance of streets, highways and attached roads, etc.

Vibratory plate compactor

3.Features of plate compactor and Tamping rammer

Features of plate compactor Vibration plate compactor have reasonable design, beautiful appearance, large influence depth, stable operation, no dead corners, and high efficiency
Etc. The machine adopts advanced high-frequency vibration compaction technology. It has the advantages of stable movement, high work efficiency, and labor-saving operation.
Vibration plate compactor is a compaction machine that uses vibration exciter to generate vibration for compaction operation. It has been widely used in developed countries abroad.
Production and sales within the country have gradually expanded. The vibratory plate compactor is a compaction machine that uses a vibration exciter to generate vibrations for compaction operations. In the building foundation, back
Vibratory plate compactor
In the construction of municipal works such as foundation filling, roads, squares, pipelines, trenches compaction and asphalt concrete pavement repairs, it has been widely used
use. Especially for non-sticky sandy soil and gravel, the compaction effect is better.
Impact rammer is a compaction machine that uses impact and impact vibration to compact backfill in layers. Rammer is a needle developed by Hansa Dynamics
Construction equipment for compacting concrete, gravel, soil, etc. Impact rammer-generally divided into: electric impact rammer, gasoline rammer and vibration impact
Ram. Among them, gasoline rammer is also called thermal rammer, which is manufactured according to the two-stroke internal combustion engine. In order to adapt to the domestic high-speed rail, expressway, land
The rapid development of industries such as ping, construction, etc.

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