The importance of three-phase balance of genset generator

The importance of three-phase balance of genset generator

Customers often respond that the genset generator will fail after a period of time, and the generator is easy to break. In fact, under normal circumstances, if it is equipped with a generator with sufficient copper power, it will generally not be damaged. Only diesel engines have problems. However, because many users do not pay attention to the wiring method of their genset generator when using them, the three-phase unbalance of the diesel genset generator is caused. In this way, over time, the generator set is prone to problems.
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So, what is the three-phase unbalance of the genset generator?

Since the electricity output by the diesel generator set is three-phase and four-wire, the current output by the three wires is generally about the same.
1. The output power of the generator set drops and cannot meet the user’s power requirements
2. The three-phase voltage is asymmetric, so that the neutral point potential of the generator set is displaced
3. The neutral current is too large, which will increase the operating temperature of the distribution transformer, and will burn out the transformer in severe cases.
4. Make some phase voltages high and other phase voltages lower
5. Burn out the generator, affecting the normal power supply
Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of diesel genset generator, not three-phase imbalance, if there is no way to change its output power, only often change the wiring method to prevent damage to the generator set.
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