The method of daily maintenance of road cutting machine

How to maintain a road cutting machine

1.Routine maintenance and maintenance content of concrete road cutting machine: The road cutting machine is used as a standard machine and equipment to maintain and maintain daily tasks to ensure the laser cutting depth of the machine and equipment. The construction machinery factory reminds new and old customers in the maintenance and maintenance matters.
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2.Loosen the gripping device of the road cutting machine, turn the pulley forcefully, and adjust or replace it immediately if there is any abnormality. Check the weak current cabinet and the practical operation service platform, whether each tightening screw is loose, and use a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to clean the dust in the cabinet. Check if the wiring head is loose.
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3.Check whether the entire transmission system is loose or not, and check the engagement of the transmission gear with the rack and pinion, and adjust it in time. Check whether the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel are loose, and the steel belt is tight and loose, and it needs to be adjusted. Check the characteristics of all keys and toggle switches.
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4.Demolition and replacement, and then draw a comprehensive inspection pattern to check the accuracy of the equipment. Check whether all the trachea joints are loose, and all the pipes are not damaged. Tighten or dismantle when necessary to check whether there is any waste at the general air inlet, and whether each gate valve and barometer are working normally.

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