The reason why the rod straightening machine is not straight and has large errors

1.The rod straightening machine cuts the rebar uniformly long or uniformly short

1. Modify the “encoder coefficient”.
①In the power-on state, directly press [2] [4] [6] [1], if there is no response, press the confirm key.
②The data displayed (flashing) in the second row of the computer board is “encoder coefficient”, change the encoder coefficient to “640”, and press “OK”.
③Power on and “run” to verify whether the cut rebar reaches the set size.
“Encoder coefficient” adjustment principle: Take “640” as the base number, the larger the data, the shorter the straightened rebar length; the smaller the value is, the longer the straightened rebar length is.
rod straightening machine

2.The meter counter roller of the rod straightening machine is too loose (cut the length of the rebar to be short and short)

1. Tighten the bolts on the spring to make the meter wheel compress the rebars.
2. Check whether the rollers of the meter counter and the pressure roller of the meter counter are severely worn. If they are severely worn, replace them.
3. Check whether the bearing of the meter wheel is damaged, and replace it if it is damaged.
rod straightening machine

3.The distance between the rebar and the rod straightening machine is too close, and the feeding is not smooth

Treatment method: move the rebar to be adjusted 6-8 meters away from the rod straightening machine
rod straightening machine

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