Power Trowel

1.The role of power trowel

Trowel machine, also known as the names, power trowel for sale,concrete trowel machine, concrete trial machine, concrete finishing machine, power float machine, concrete helicopter,and concrete smoother machine, is a kind of common road machinery that can make the surface of concrete pavement much smoother. The power trowel can be widely used in the concrete surface slurry extraction, flattening, and polishing of high-standard plants, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports, and framed buildings.
Cement equipment power trowel DMR1000C

2.Advantages of power trowel

Compared with the ride-on trowel machine, walking behind a trowel machine may be a little laborious, but it’s still a very popular model. The machine is compact, flexible, and easy to operate. The most important is that its work efficiency is dozens of times as much as the artificial finishing. In addition, the price is lower. So the walk-behind trowel machine for sale is a good choice for some small projects.
Power Trowel

3.The Structures and Working Principle of power trowel

This machine is mainly composed of a moving handle, screw lifting, motor, worm gearbox, and smear assembly. It uses a unique startup method. The motor is decelerated by the three-stage gear, through two relatively rotating output shafts, respectively driving the relatively rotating double trowel. Under the action of mechanical gravity, the float is pressed to the ground to complete the compaction and polishing process.
Power Trowel

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