The vibration frequency of the laser screed flooring is difficult to grasp. Too fast is an abnormal phenomenon

Adjust the vibration frequency of the laser screed flooring

When the laser screed flooring is in the construction of the floor, it will continuously generate vibration, but for the operator of the leveling machine, it is not a simple matter to grasp the vibration frequency of the leveling machine. If the vibration frequency of the flat machine is too fast during operation, it will actually cause many adverse effects, for example, it is difficult to grasp the action route and the leveling effect cannot be guaranteed, so it should be solved as soon as possible.
The failure of the vibration frequency of the laser screed flooring is generally due to the failure of the vibration system of the equipment. The common failures are: after the switch is turned on, the vibration system does not generate vibration or the speed of the vibration shaft is too low.
laser screed flooring

For these two faults, you should first check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank and the left and right vibration tanks of the vibration wheel are normal, and then perform the test and diagnosis according to the following steps:

laser screed flooring
First, to check the oil leakage rate of the vibrating motor of the laser screed flooring:
Run the laser screed flooring to the working oil temperature, then park the vibrating wheel on the old rubber tire, and remove the oil drain pipe from the vibrating motor (use a plug to seal the interface). Take a measuring hose and connect it to the oil drain port of the vibration motor, and put the other end into the measuring barrel. Start the diesel engine and run it at a high speed, and open the vibration system at the same time to observe that the oil leakage per minute shall not exceed 2.5L. If it exceeds, the motor should be overhauled; if not, the hydraulic oil pressure of the vibration circuit should be measured.
Second, to check the vibrating bearing of the laser screed flooring:
Remove the vibration motor of the laser screed flooring, push the vibration shaft end of the vibration box to the bottom by hand, and then use a depth gauge to measure the distance between the vibration motor bearing plate and the shaft end of the vibration shaft. Pull the vibration shaft out from the vibration box to the end, and measure its distance as well. Normally, the axial clearance should be about 1mm. Use a crowbar to apply radial force to the vibration shaft. If there is obvious movement, the bearing must be replaced.
laser screed flooring
Then, check the vibration control valve of the laser screed flooring:
Loosen the wire connector screws, turn on the vibration switch, and the contacts on the socket should have power. If there is no electricity, you should find the fault of the circuit system, and then check the electromagnetic coil: take out the seat cover, loosen the nut on the electromagnetic coil, remove the coil together with the wire and the socket, and then connect 12V DC to the socket, and use a flat-line screw Tool to test whether the magnetic field has been established. If there is no magnetic field, replace the coil, otherwise replace the vibration control valve.

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