Things to consider when selecting a walk-power trowel

1.Hand-power trowel is best for smaller jobs

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Most concrete finishing jobs are based on size. Walk-power trowels are best suited for smaller jobs like a residential basement floor and getting into areas where ride-on trowels cannot access due to architectural design or preinstalled plumbing, etc. However, applications for walk power trowels are far reaching from residential slabs and include commercial-industrial floors or use on high rise decks. Typically a walk power trowel is a good choice if a contractor needs to finish less than 3000 square feet a day.

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2.Applicable environment of hand-power trowel

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Job size, environmental conditions, and if the job site is inside or outside should be considered when selecting a walk-power trowel. For example, if the outside conditions are especially hot, dry and windy, some contractors prefer a high-horsepower model, which provides higher torque for low speed floating while providing additional weight during the finishing phase. For cool weather finishing, smaller light weight trowels become the finisher’s choice. For the professional who routinely finishes industrial floors, a variable transmission trowel provides a wide speed range for low speed, high torque floating through high-speed burnishing all in one machine.

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