How does a twin drum roller work? How to choose a roller?

How does a twin drum roller work?

The double-drum roller should be preheated before starting to reduce the starting resistance of the engine, improve the atomization and evaporation of fuel during starting, and form a good combustible mixture for easy starting. The simple method is hot water preheating, that is, the cooling water is heated and injected into the cooling system. When injecting hot water into the cooling system, turn on the drain switch of the drum, close the drain switch, and keep the water temperature at 30 ~ 40,10 ~ 15 minutes. Start the engine until the water temperature in the engine water tank matches the temperature of the cylinder block.
twin drum roller
For the double drum without preheating device, please remove the air filter, drive the 4 ton drum engine, heat the air intake with spray (be careful not to enter the cylinder that sucks debris), when the engine sucks in the flame, the engine rotates for 1-2s Then start the fuel supply again.
When the drum is started at a low temperature, the viscosity of the oil is high, and the lubricating oil is insufficient in a short time, which cannot affect all the lubrication points. Therefore, after the engine is started, it needs to run at idle speed for a period of time, and then load it after the water temperature is normal.
twin drum roller

How to choose a double drum roller

  1. Choose according to the specific requirements of the project. Some projects do not require high ground compression, while others require tight ground. Some roads need to be smooth, while others are simply crushed. The choice of small and medium-sized road rollers for each project is naturally different, so before choosing a twin drum roller, you should understand the requirements of the project.
  2. According to the choice of packaging materials. Some roads compress gravel, some compress asphalt, and some just compress soil. Because these compressed objects vary widely, so do the needs for a tandem roller, so pay attention to this when choosing.

twin drum roller

Large-scale twin drum roller with high compaction capacity should be used on national trunk roads and special roads for automobiles. The road roller manufacturer said that for roads below grade 3, or when compaction is not often performed, a flexible twin drum roller of about 3t is equipped. For cement concrete pavements, tire-driven tandem twin drum roller can be used. All-drive twin drum roller should be used for asphalt concrete pavement. During the construction process, a twin drum roller can be used to repair the road surface.

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