Unexpectedly, doing these will damage the life of the Concrete Pumps

The more small details, the more they can have a great impact on things. This is my life experience. Similarly, you may never have imagined that some of your daily operations will quickly reduce the life of the secondary structure pouring pump and have a great loss of function. Do you know which work has a bad influence on the life of the Concrete Pumps? Let’s learn about it with the editor.
Concrete Pumps

Maintenance of Concrete Pumps:

  1. No maintenance after use: The Concrete Pumps performs high-intensity work every day, and daily maintenance is particularly important. However, after use, few users will regularly clean it. After a long time, the concrete will solidify and accumulate. When it is re-constructed, it will be found that the equipment can no longer operate. Even if the construction is reluctant, there will be some Serious blockage.
  2. Use of non-matching parts: If the original parts of the Concrete Pumps are not used, it is possible to increase the wear rate and reduce its life.
  3. Do not clean after use: Do not clean the stirring pump after use. The working environment of the mixing pump is relatively harsh. If the mixing pump is not cleaned after use, in the long run, the concrete residue and some putty will damage the parts of the mixing pump, resulting in a shortened service life of the mixing pump.
  4. Use the stirring pump on the slope, high voltage, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environment. This wrong way of use will not only affect the quality and performance of the mixing pump, but also have a greater harm in that it is very likely to threaten the life of the construction workers.

Concrete Pumps Concrete Pumps

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