Safety operation rules for vibratory rollers

Precautions before and after the start of the vibratory roller

  1. The periphery of the drum control platform should be kept clean to ensure sufficient control space and a clean working environment;
  2. Before starting the roller, check the locking device of the front and rear frames to make it disengaged;
  3. After the roller is started, check whether the instrument is running normally. If there is any abnormality, stop and check immediately.
  4. After the vibratory roller is started, turn the steering wheel in two directions in situ to check whether the transformation is sensitive;
  5. After the vibratory roller is started, the braking effect of the brake should be tested, which must be reliable.

vibratory roller

Matters needing attention in the work of vibratory roller

  1. When the roller is braking, the main clutch and foot brake should be depressed at the same time;
  2. When the roller is running, especially when going up and down slopes, it is not allowed to turn off the diesel engine, so as to avoid accidents caused by the failure of the hydraulic steering gear;
  3. When the roller is running, do not approach or stay at the hinged steering position;
  4. When the roller is shifting gears up and down the ramp, it must be done after parking braking;
  5. After the work of the vibratory roller is completed, the brake must be used for braking.

vibratory roller

Prohibited items for vibratory rollers

  1. It is strictly forbidden to drag the roller to start the diesel engine;
  2. It is forbidden for the roller to vibrate on a hard road (such as concrete road, etc.) to avoid damage to parts and rubber shock absorbers;
  3. It is forbidden to inject oil and repair while the drum is running;
  4. It is forbidden to carry out maintenance work under the vehicle during the operation of the equipment;
  5. It is forbidden to vibrate the drum in situ.
vibratory roller

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